Kenalog – Hay fever Relief

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Kenalog injections also known as Triamcinolone Injections, they are a type of corticosteroid.

Due to this it is vital that you have a consultation with a Medical Aesthetics Practitioner to ensure you are a candidate for this injection ensuring safety.

These injections are used to treat Hay fever, also know as allergic rhinitis in some cases.

The injection works by reducing inflammation in the nasal passages which can help with symptoms such as; sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion.

Kenalog injections are best kept to be used on people with severe or persistent hay fever where antihistamines don’t work.

If overly used or used in the wrong people it can lead to increased risk of infection.

During your consultation you should discuss the risks and benefits.

In general 1 injection will see most people through the 6 hay fever months generally starting in April and continuing through summer into September, some people who have very severe hay fever may require more